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An essential part of eventmanagement is an well organized hospitality production, were all individual facets have to connect to each other. Entropt provides a synergie between building the location, the bars, the staff and the financial management as goal that your event will run smoothly.

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Hospitality staff

Here at Entropt, we can provide the whole hospitality production for you. With our wide range of (staff)services we can relinquish all of the activities of the organizing of  your event.

For the Entropt hospitality production we offer three possibilities:

FULL SERVICE – With our full service package, you will outsource the whole production to us. We provide the whole design of the area, the building, purchases, optimisation of the logistic proces, the staff and all other needed materials. For the full service we receive a part of the amount of money.

STAFF SERVICE – With our ‘staff service’ we will provide the whole staffing of your hospitality production. At Entropt we have loyal and trained staff for every function. The staff wil work for a fixed prize.

COMBI SERVICE – With our ‘combi service’ Entropt provide the whole staffing of you uw hospitality production. With our big staff database the right staff will be hired for the right activities. For the combi service we receive a part of the amount of money.

Don’t hesitate to contact us to inform about the possibilities!

Advantages of
our service

• Flexible working times;
• From bartenders to management;
• Enthusiastic and representative;
• flexible employees.